Our Mission is simple.

Create a community dedicated to supporting families during their first year by providing easy to access support and resources that fit every family's unique needs.

In short...let us help you during your first year when and how you need it most.

Our Story 

"They had a baby and we walked through this journey with them and then we said goodbye and it didn't feel right"

This is how Stronger Motherhood began.

We started out as a team of doulas recognizing that after intense planning for birth, families were left on their own to navigate parenthood. Even more so, there were minimal resources, activities, and connection points for families in that first year.

From that, our postpartum groups were born and three years later we have Stronger Motherhood. 

Now with COVID-19 we are expanding our

Stronger Motherhood program to support moms starting in birth. Learn more here 

Our Work

We created the stronger motherhood community to tackle the things we felt like we needed when we were in your shoes; better support when and where we needed it. 

The building blocks of our support 

The four things we created our community knowing

1.) Moms need more support

2.) Moms are busy 

3.) Moms do not need another thing on their to-do list​

4.) Support looks different for each family

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