Stronger Motherhood Groups

 We believe moms need community as well as information about themselves and their babies. This is where our postpartum groups began. This isn't your average mom-group.
These groups meet for six sessions that meet bi-weekly over a 12 week span. Each of the six sessions is provided in a 90 minute workshop format aimed at educating you on six appropriate topics, answering common questions and facilitating discussion to build relationships. You leave with information, a support team, and a place to create intentional relationships 

Who Can Join?

Workshops are geared for babies 0-6 months, but anyone can join between birth-1 year postpartum.


Where to find your group

Groups meet virtually as well as in-person. You can select an online group for easy access at home, or you can find an in-person group at one of our partner locations. 

Workshop Topics
  • -Feeding

  • -Self-Care

  • -Sleep 

  • -Relationships and more.