Check-Ins Focused on You

OurCheck-Ins are our 1-1 support for moms and new families. It provides families a place find support, get answers to simple questions, encouragement, or help finding resources. 

Check-ins are with postpartum doulas, newborn care specialist and other postpartum professionals dedicated to providing you the support you need. 


Check-ins are not for emergency support. 

Who do these support?

Check-ins  are geared for babies 0-3 months, but anyone can reach out for support within the first year


Check-In Structure 

Check-ins are 25 and 45 minutes minutes long. We ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire before and we follow-up within 24 hours to see how you are doing.

Check-In Topics
  • -Feeding

  • -Self-Care

  • -Sleep 

  • -Relationships

  • Family Transitions

  • Mental Health Resources