Feeding Support When and Where You need it

90% of postpartum questions are centered on feeding. 

Having feeding support that is easy to access makes a difference. The Lactation Room are our proud partners in providing the highest level of feeding support to our Stronger Motherhood moms.


What to expect

An experienced Board Certified Lactation Consultant will conduct a comprehensive visit – mother and baby health history, an assessment of the mother’s breasts and a clinical evaluation of the baby’s feeding.

A written personalized care plan is developed to support your breastfeeding goals. Your care may be coordinated with your healthcare providers (OB/GYN, Midwife and Pediatrician). Telephone or email follow up by the Lactation Consultant is included. 

Reasons to see an IBCLC
  • Difficulty with weight gain

  • Tongue and Lip Tie

  • Assistance with establishing milk supply

  • Addressing potential issues with mom/baby 

Covered by Insurance 

Both virtual and in-person visits are covered by most insurance programs.